Save Our Strays Fort Bend is a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue organization located near Houston, Texas.  We take in cats and dogs from local shelters who are in danger of being euthanized, give them the medical care, nutrition and socialization they need in our caring foster homes, and find them permanent, loving, forever homes throughout the US and Canada.

We’re very pleased you’re visiting our NEW WEBSITE with our updated logo.  We have put of lot of work into trying to make this website a useful resource for pet owners.  Should you have any questions about our site, please send an email to

We invite you to find out more about our organization and explore the cats and dogs we have available for adoption.  Please check out our Facebook page, for information on upcoming events and recent adoptions, and our Featured Animals page, which highlights some of our special animals.

Calling all Photogs!

We are in desperate need of a professional photographer who is willing to donate his/her time to take photos of animals so they can be displayed to their best advantage.  Most of our cats and dogs are very scared when we first take them in and they often shy away from having their picture taken so we need a person who not only loves animals, but is also very patient and kind. 

Ideally, we’d also like a photographer who can provide a quiet, safe setting for the photos and some nice backgrounds.  Not asking for much are we?  But just think about the wonderful service you'd be providing for these homeless animals!  If you're willing to volunteer, please send an email to Karen at